Atmosphere of other times!

The lights allow you to set up outdoor and indoor spaces enhancing the forms and creating a warm and magical atmosphere.
True drawings of light that transform environments.

The wedding with the illuminations that has its roots in the tradition of Puglia and makes the events of our days exclusive. Very ancient tradition, that even today you can admire in the villages of Puglia. These luminous creations, real architectures of light, give very strong emotions, capture the eye and calm the soul. It is important to create the right atmosphere on such an important day as marriage, and thanks to the illuminations this is possible.

At Tenuta TRESCA it is possible to set up a wedding with different types of lights.
It ranges from luminous decorations more sober to more elaborate ones. For example, in the inner square of the location surrounded by walls, it is possible to hang simple wires with soft lights that project their delicate atmosphere directly onto the tables of the wedding banquet. To frame the whole, very impressive are the pediments, or those structures that are installed at the entrance of the traditional and very picturesque festivals. For a softer atmosphere it is possible to decorate the ancient olive trees with the Rosettes or as a fabulous background for the band.

The lights have the ability to enhance the spaces, enhance the shapes, create romantic chiaroscuro!

Le luci hanno la capacità di esaltare gli spazi, valorizzare le forme, creare chiaroscuri romanticissimi!


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