Why pay the SIAE?

As a Private Party, it is essential to obtain the authorization for the execution of songs.

For private parties we mean weddings, baptisms, confirmations, birthdays and similar celebrations, in places other than their own home, offered by individuals and reserved only for guests.
Since the bride and groom are recognized as the real organizers of the party, it is up to them (and not to the DJ, the wedding planner or the banquet hall) that the payment of the amounts is due. So in the check-list of the wedding, remember to enter the SIAE.

What is the SIAE

SIAE – Italian Society of Authors and Publishers is a public entity with an economic character that protects copyright law governed by current legislation and guarantees its members the recognition of compensation for protected works, in fact, by copyright, promoting and supervising, at the same time, the diffusion of culture, art and intellectual work.

SIAE rates 2019

The simplified scheme published on the SIAE website is shown, showing the excluded costs of VAT for weddings and private events.
First you need to make a difference on the number of Guests, from 0 to 200 or over 200.

If you choose a DJ and therefore for the reproduction of recorded music, in addition to the fee for the Copyright, you must add the related rights due to the performers, performers or phonographic producers. The following costs must be added.