Every moment is special

“Nature teaches us to celebrate the changes with unique colors and scents. Tenuta Tresca gathers inspiration and draws joyous suggestions from special events and occasions.”

Not only weddings. We perfectly organize special events for every occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, confirmations, corporate parties and much more. Choose the “magic” of Tenuta Tresca for the very important things of your life.


Special occasions

Life’s important dates are many, giving them the value they deserve means sharing them with loved ones and treasuring forever a wonderful memory. Thus, Tenuta Tresca opens its wonderful location, immersed in Salento’s countryside for birthday parties, christenings, communions and confirmations…


Special events

The experience and expertise of Tenuta Tresca are at your disposal even for the planning of corporate events. The identity of a company is also expressed through the place chosen to present products or celebrate successes. Tenuta Tresca, with its bucolic views, is the ideal place to give new breath to work projects, bringing them outside from the office walls.

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