The "Square Tree"

“Tenuta Tresca has a beating heart treasuring its most important moments, this is Piazza Albero”

In the shade of the old oak tree, having witnessed many happy wedding in Puglia, the large paved square hosts large banquets, to celebrate good traditions, while fully enjoying yourself. Tenuta Tresca service, attentive and professional, further enriches an atmosphere having a familiar and welcoming touch.

As the night falls, the lights leaning out from the branches of the trees make the square an even more suggestive location recalling Salento’s ancient traditions and the authenticity and genuineness of the family lunches and dinners with old friends. A return to the past, tradition and simplicity.

Those dreaming of a perfect location for an outdoor wedding, will find here a large space devoted to the pleasure of conviviality and timeless emotions.

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