Professional photographer and dream location, a perfect combination for the realization of a wedding just like in fairy tales

Everyone who has married knows how challenging it is to organize a wedding. We move from the search for the dress to the choice of wedding favors, from the setting up of the church up to the choice of the photographer.

Each of this turns out to be a very important task and worthy of very careful reflection.
Surely, for the choice of a fairytale wedding, one thing that has greater importance is the location in which you are going to celebrate. Everything must then be completed by a professional who is able to capture and make the most of every moment of the day, starting from entering the church, up to cutting the cake.

wedding wood tenuta tresca

Why the choice of the photographer is important

The choice of the photographer is one of those choices that must not be made thinking about savings. One thing absolutely to avoid is to entrust this task to one of the guests, just because he has one professional camera or because taking pictures is one of his favorite hobbies.

Only a professional will be able to offer a high quality service that is able to satisfy expectations of the spouses. Thanks to his equipment and his years of experience he knows how to grasp the light best and find the most beautiful glimpse and views, where to take the photo of the first kiss.

love table tenuta tresca

Tenuta tresca, one of the most popular locations for your wedding in Apulia

In case you are planning a wedding and you still don’t know which location will be best suited to you, an advice is to visit the Tenuta Tresca. You will surely fall in love with this place right away to which the secular olive trees are the masters of the uncontaminated landscape, which mother nature offers.

The entire surrounding area is treated in detail precisely to offer to all those who choose this estate as a location for your wedding, a place worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.

Their set-up is something truly unique in its genre, as it is carried out inside a forest.

Just to make such a special day even more magical, all the staff of Tenuta Tresca are committed, from the very beginning, to the addition of details and decorations that will make this one of the most beautiful places in Puglia that you have ever seen, comparable only to actual movie wedding scenes.

An example is given by the set-up composed and combined with the words “Love”.
Trivial? Far from it …
It is an admirable combination of four different tables, where each table represents one of the letters of the word.
On each table are distributed candles, which once lit, with their soft light, create a enchanting effect and, under the moon, they complete the fairytale effect.

The attention to detail of all the staff of Tenuta Tresca is the real pride of the organization and if there you will give the opportunity to help you with your wedding we will be happy to support you on your most day beautiful.