If you are looking for an original and refined idea for your wedding favours or place cards, olive oil bottles are the perfect choice.

These little treasures, full of meaning and authenticity, not only add a touch of class to your event, but also give your guests a real piece of Apulian culinary tradition to appreciate.

bomboniera o segnaposto olio tenuta tresca

Authenticity in your wedding: on the most important day of your life, you want every detail to reflect your authenticity. The olive oil bottles, produced with love and passion by the Tenuta Tresca farm, are a symbol of authenticity and quality that perfectly matches the spirit of your wedding.

A gift for the palate and the heart: olive oil has always been considered a true treasure of Italian cuisine, a symbol of conviviality, health and well-being. Giving your loved ones a small bottle of this precious product is a gesture of generosity and love that is sure to be appreciated. Every time your guests open a small bottle of olive oil, they will be reminded of the special day you shared together.

Customisation and creativity: Olive oil bottles offer endless possibilities for personalisation and creativity. You can choose to embellish them with personalised labels with your name and wedding date, or even add a touch of glamour with an elegant ribbon or a small floral decoration. This allows you to create a unique and memorable gift that fits perfectly with the style and theme of your wedding.

An eco-friendly keepsake: olive oil bottles are also an eco-friendly option for wedding favours. By choosing to gift a high-quality, organic food product, you help reduce the environmental impact of your wedding and promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Why choose olive oil bottles as wedding favours or place cards?

  • A useful and appreciated gift: olive oil is a versatile, everyday product that guests can use in the kitchen or to season their favourite dishes.
  • A symbol of tradition and good luck: olive oil has always been associated with concepts of purity, abundance and prosperity.
  • A touch of originality:Olive oil bottles are an original alternative to classic wedding favours that will impress your guests and make your wedding even more special.
  • A high-quality product:Choose bottles of extra virgin olive oil, produced in Italy by the Tresca farm using high-quality, artisanal methods.
  • Wedding place cards: small bottles can be used as wedding place cards by placing them on each plate with the guest’s name.

bomboniere con bottigliette olio tenuta tresca

How to match Tenuta Tresca’s olive oil bottles to your wedding theme

Olive oil bottles are an original and popular gift for wedding favours. With a little creativity, you can match them perfectly with your wedding theme, creating a unique and personalised keepsake for your guests.

Here are some tips for matching Tenuta Tresca’s olive oil bottles to your wedding theme:

Rustic theme:

  • Embellish them with raffia, twine or jute.
  • Add an olive or lavender sprig.
  • Personalise the labels with a rustic font.

Shabby chic theme:

  • Decorate with satin ribbons, lace or lace.
  • Add a pendant or pearl.
  • Personalise the labels with a romantic font.

Marine theme:

  • Embellish with shells, starfish or coral.
  • Add a blue and white striped ribbon.
  • Personalise the labels with an italic font.

Elegant theme:

  • Decorate with satin or velvet ribbons.
  • Add a small jewel or charm.
  • Personalise the labels with an elegant font and images of coats of arms or monograms.

Olive oil favours: thank-you messages for wedding guests

A personal touch for your wedding favours or place cards with olive oil bottles

Wedding favours are a small gift that the bride and groom offer their guests to thank them for attending the wedding. A personalised thank-you card is a simple yet elegant way to make the wedding favour even more special and meaningful.

Here are some examples of thank-you messages you can add to your olive oil bottles:

  • “Thank you very much for sharing the best day of our lives with us.”
  • “Your affection and joy made our wedding an unforgettable day.”
  • “Thank you for making our wedding a dream come true.”
  • “Your presence was the most beautiful gift we could have wished for.”

In addition to the thank-you message, you can also include olive oil in your bottles:

  • Your names and the date of the wedding
  • A significant quote.
  • A small symbol or design representing your wedding theme.

Olive oil bottles are an elegant, authentic and versatile option for your wedding favours or place cards. Besides being a gift for the palate, they are also a symbol of love, generosity and Italian tradition to share with your guests. Choose elegance and authenticity with olive oil bottles and make your wedding truly unforgettable.

“Tenuta Tresca reception hall” offers in collaboration with “Tresca azienda Agricola” the small bottles of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as wedding favours or placeholders for your wedding.

Organic extra virgin olive oil:

Our bottles are available with a fine organic extra virgin olive oil, produced in Salento in limited quantities.

Tresca organic extra virgin olive oil is made from a selected blend of olives of the Leccino, Frantoio, Cima di Melfi, Nociara and other minor varieties.

Its aroma and taste make it ideal for those who love delicate flavours and gastronomic combinations.

Tenuta Tresca’ oil bottles: all variants.


  • Small bottle of extra virgin olive oil 100 ml
  • Small bottle of extra virgin olive oil 250 ml
  • Bottle of extra virgin olive oil 500 ml
  • Special bottle of extra virgin olive oil 750 m
  • Can of extra virgin olive oil 3 litres
  • Can of extra virgin olive oil 5 litres


  • Material: Glass
  • Tipo di vetro: Trasparente scuro
  • Colour: Intense green
  • Type: Organic
  • Closure: Metal screw cap for all round bottles or cork for the special square bottle.

Our products are the perfect choice for those who want an elegant and refined gift, perfect for wedding favours or place cards. Made of high-quality glass, these bottles are sturdy, durable and have a clean design.

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