This Fall Wedding in Puglia Redefines Boho Luxe

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What’s not to love about Italy? The pizza, the pasta, the jaw-dropping views around every corner. I mean we can’t think of a better place to get married especially when LeccEventi plans and designs absolutely breathtaking weddings like this one. With all the warm fall colors, a large lush ceremony arch, and literally FOUR pasta dishes on the menu, this intimate Italian wedding in Puglia is a dream come true. Yulia Longo and Cinzia Miccoli capture each amazing detail and our Pinterest board is overflowing with the raw beauty of this al fresco soirée.



Rollo Riori is redefining flower crowns with this lush hair adornment fit for a goddess!



From the bride: We always knew we wanted to get married abroad. We both met at Cambridge University, having moved to UK at a young age, Roman from Russia, me from Moldova, so for our wedding we wanted to pick a separate, neutral country that we both love. We first visited Lecce by pure coincidence. We were looking for a quick getaway trip at a stressful period of our lives and Lecce popped up miraculously online. We knew nothing about it, but as soon as we arrived in the city and explored the wider area, we both felt something we never felt before for any other place. It felt like home, and it made us feel good and at peace – Puglia has a beautiful spirit, something really magical and rich in feeling. On that trip, we got engaged!



OMG don’t you feel like you just stumbled into a secret garden wedding? This al fresco ceremony feels so warm and cozy.



We wanted darker colors, deep burgundies, a slightly Gothic romantic undertone, candles, fairy lights. We are both big literature fans, and I grew up reading dramatic classical novels, so I wanted to add a Wuthering Heights feel to the evening. I also wanted to balance some of that darkness with joyful, wild flowers – in my hair, my bouquet, the crown that framed our ceremony.



So you know how we feel about ruffles. So we are absolutely LIVING for this dress right now.



The black cake was a master touch and it was Katia’s brilliant stroke of genius. It was something that she said she had wanted to do for years – I thought it was one of the greatest ideas I ever heard. The place for it – on this runway between the olive trees was just perfect. We worked together with our wedding vendors to create that perfect blend of drama, passion, a bit of darkness but also tenderness and softness.



We felt really lucky and in awe that everything came together so beautifully, and we are very thankful that we came across this beautiful part of Italy, filled with creative, romantic, big-hearted people who were able to turn our wedding into an actual fairytale.


We just love how cozy this intimate fall wedding in Puglia feels. If this is your style (which is obviously should be)…..

Wedding Vendors:
Planning + Design: LeccEventi – Puglia wedding planners
Photography: Yulia Longo + Cinzia Miccoli
Videography: Giuseppe Piserchia
Venue: Tenuta Tresca
Florals: Rollo Riori
Music: Atmosfera Blu
Stationery: Valeria Leone