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Bridal Vogue

I’ve seen many outdoor receptions before but…this is
he first one that is circular and I dig it 🙌🏽


mitliebekreiert:    can’t believe what I’m seeing, this is just WOW
laurenkoleffphotography:   This is sick! That’s the way to set up a reception!
belindaphilleo:   That’s just incredible

whilstjudesleeps:   What an amazing idea!
charlestonweddingguide:   ❤️❤️
mrskarend@sunolasauras:   omg yessssss I saw this earlier! It’s giving me life right now

rosaria:  Unique in the world
eleganteventsphilly:   This is one of the most incredible setups ive seen in awhile
heather_rese:   Absolutely love it!

dante_carmassi_floral_stylist:  Spectacular I Love all the content , the photos hard work of @bridal_vogue can’t wait to the next photo ❤️
paceslane:   Holy wow! How stunning!
littlebirdeventco:   This is incredible! 💕