Your most important day has to be crowned in a high quality location for weddings in Salento, who knows how to skillfully harmonize the culinary art to discreet service, all within a beautiful setting. Tenuta Tresca is the perfect place where to decide to celebrate your wedding.

Located between Santa Maria di Leuca and Lecce, it has some large, but not dispersive rooms, which have recently been renovated, that can ensure the best outcome for any event. Thanks to a clever play of the lights, a rather elegant and refined atmosphere can be created, where you will be able to appreciate the delicious foods that are prepared with great care.

Choosing Tenuta Tresca as a location for weddings in Salento means ensuring the maximum satisfaction of the palate and sight. Indeed, everything is designed to bring to life a “dream” to those who decided to organize their event in such an environment.

Not only that, even its location helps to ensure that enchanting atmosphere, as the estate is located close to many quaint towns, in addition to the splendid Salento sea. Tenuta Tresca is the ideal place, where dreams come true.

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