“Wedding in Salento? Tenuta Tresca is the ideal setting to celebrate your wedding. Art, culture, tradition in this land, together with a splendid view both of the countryside and the sea”

In Botrugno midway between Lecce and Santa Maria di Leuca, Tenuta Tresca is located, a charming location, deep in the Salento countryside surrounded by 18 hectares of centuries-old Olive trees and one hectare of oak tree.

For your wedding in Salento, Tenuta Tresca will be the ideal location to organize the day of your wedding, as it has a large banqueting room which has recently been renovated. Everything here is designed to ensure the maximum well-being of the guests: from the lights, which are suffused and not too bright, to the tablecloths, the service, the food.

The latter is treated with special care, and our culinary options include the availability of four guidelines which can be customized according to a rich selection of dishes, created by internationally recognized professionals. The chefs are dedicated to creating a special menu for each customer, planning with them all the dishes to be served. A strong point of the estate is the “GREEN” Philosophy: – no GMO; – with natural local fruits and vegetables ; – exclusively Made in Italy culinary brands and Pro-Salento. A true wedding in Salento.

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